Into the Tongass — A Small Ship Cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage

“One is borne smoothly over calm blue waters, through the midst of countless forest-clad islands” — John Muir

The mile-wide face of the Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
U. S. Forest Service map of the Tongass, with National Monuments and Wilderness Areas
Staff at Sitka National Historic park show their Tlingit tribal craft work.
Detail of a 1982 recreation of a crest pole depicting the heraldic emblems of the Yaadaas clan of Kaigani Haida.
Bald Eagle in recovery quarters at the Raptor Center
Low rounded islands were shaped by glacier action. Sharp peaks stood above the ice.
Brown bears are excellent swimmers. Photo: Courtesy Linda Abbey
Naturalist Brittany shows the variety of marine life in the tide pools of Cedar Cove
Surprise find on a wilderness island
Huna Tribal House at Bartlett Cove
Beach with lone brown bear on the shoreline
NPS ranger Nicole points to features of the glacier terminus. Mount Fairweather is in the far distance.
Mendenhall Glacier and Nuggett Falls from the Visitor Center
An intense blue iceberg floats near the Alaskan Dream in Tracy Arm
Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park. One design highlighted with broken shells
Greeter in traditional Eagle clan robe at Chief Shakes House, Wrangell
Retired log grappling hook welcomes visitors to Thorne Bay
Memorial whale totem on the trail to Chief Son-I-Hat’s Whale House
Early morning in Misty Fjords National Monument

I photograph and write about Gardens, Nature, Travel, and the history of Silicon Valley from my home on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

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